A good sleep brings a happy day but we all want different things from bedtime, so how do we choose our bedding? Let us guide you through our range, so you can enjoy a luxurious slumber. Explore crisp, premium, hotel-quality bedding and sink into 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in a range of sizes to suit every body and every bed. Shop All Bedding

Why Egyptian Cotton?

Because it’s the best, and you deserve it. Egyptian cotton fibres are longer than normal cotton, allowing for softer, finer threads and fabrics. Our bedding is made from this extra-long staple cotton, so that every sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase feels luxuriously soft and smooth.
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Our Egyptian cotton fabric has received the highest certification standard by the Egyptian cotton association - the Gold seal.

What Is A Thread Count?

When it comes to sleep, numbers matter. A thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric, and ours range from 200 to 800. A lower thread count may feel lighter and airy, while still being soft, and a higher thread count feels dense and smooth, with a luxurious quality.

Granny Goose

Proudly made in South Africa, to heirloom quality, you can choose from a classic piped duvet cover or an elegant and timeless satin stitch. The Granny Goose brand has become an icon of quality, with its hallmark of snug nights and heavenly sleeps.
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Bedding Size Guide

Always get the best fit. Use our quick and easy size guide below.
Size Duvet Cover Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Deep Fitted Sheet
Single 140x200cm 180x275cm 90x190 (+30cm Deptd) 90x190 (+34cm Deptd)
Double 200x200cm 230x275cm 140x190cm (+30cm Deptd) 140x190cm (+34cm Deptd)
King 225x220cm 275x275cm 150x200cm (+30cm Deptd) 150x200cm (+34cm Deptd)
Superking 260x220cm 305x275cm 180x200cm (+30cm Deptd) 180x200cm (+34cm Deptd)
Emperor 290x235cm 320x290cm 200x200cm (+30cm Deptd) 200x200cm (+34cm Deptd)

Duvets & Pillows

Open one eye, open two. Need a bit more snuggle time? Our sumptuous down alternative duvets and pillows are plumped with a filling that lets air circulate so your temperature stays regulated, bringing premium quality to your bed every night.
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