The air is crisp, nights are longer, and nature’s colours are a sea of earthy yellow and brown tones. Here’s our guide to a world of winter home fragrances; comforting candles, soothing reed diffusers and revitalising room sprays. Shop All Fragrance

Finding your perfect winter scent

Winter is the season when rich and warm aromas come to life, filling your home with a sense of comfort and tranquillity. To create the perfect atmosphere, consider indulging in earthy scents like our sea salt and wood sage or infusing your surroundings with the inviting allure of spices found in our black pepper and winter spice collections.
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Candles: a flicker of comfort

Few things rival the soothing glow of a scented candle and the sense of warmth and comfort it brings. Paired with a soft throw and comfy, plump cushions, candles are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in.
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Elegant reed diffusers

A timeless choice. Perfect for high traffic areas like hallways or bathrooms, the reeds offer a steady release of refreshing fragrance: from warm winter spices to fresh, rich florals.
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Revitalising room sprays

Tsssk. One spray and you’re transported to a world of freshness. Room sprays are perfect for revitalising any space, providing an instant burst of invigorating winter aromas.
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